Can White uPVC Windows be painted another colour?

In short, yes uPVC windows can be painted a new colour however it is really a job for skilled professionals.

Often after years of exposure to sunlight and the elements your uPvc windows will become faded and look a little tired. The option now exists to spray paint all of your existing uPVC windows any colour you choose, saving hundreds of pounds on the cost of replacing them.

Why paint uPVC Windows?

Painting your existing uPVC windows is a fast and cheap way to reinvigorate the exterior of your home or property. uPVC window frames have an extremely long lifespan, and the misconception is that you are stuck with the original colour (usually white upvc) until such time as you change them. With the advent of new spray painting techniques and the influx of colours from recognised brands such as Farrow and Ball, Colourtrend and Kolorbond mean that you are no longer stuck with your original upvc window colour. We here at McDonald Property Maintenance are happy to discuss the range of colour options available to you together with the associated costs. 

How much does it cost to paint uPVC Windows?

Cheaper than you think is the answer! In reality think about the costs associated of replacing every window with a similar window in a different colour. As of June this year the cost of installing new double glazed upvc windows ranges between £4,800 and £7,200 for your standard UK household. (source: The Eco Experts)
Using that data, consider that cost against the price of spraying your existing uPVC windows using the example below. 

    (10 windows in House)
    Installation and Fittings: £480 per window = £4,800
    (10 windows in House)
    Preparation and Spray Painting to Finish: £150 per window = £1,500

Almost 3 x TIMES Cheaper!! While this is an example, it will give you an idea on the costs and savings that can be made by spraying your existing windows. McDonald Property Maintenance have experience all across Northern Ireland of providing quality spray paint finishes to upvc windows and doors and are happy to discuss your project and provide a competitive quote.