Remodel your own Kitchen from Home

Do you need to remodel your Kitchen but are lost where to start?

Home kitchens today area built to last. The doors of your kitchen are obviously going to get the most wear and tear, scuffs scratches and sticky jam hands! Your main kitchen carcass or units are usually 100% sound and provide the ideal base to remodel your kitchen without having to invest thousands in replacing everything. Simply, by remodelling your existing kitchen doors you will have that new look kitchen at a fraction of the price of replacing everything.

Types of Door to Upstyle

Home kitchen doors can be either solid wood, mahogany or oak usually or some form of composite door such as MDF or foil wrapped plastic. The good news for you ahead of any renovation projects is that these can ALL be upstyled in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Be careful though about taking on the remodeling without fully understanding the types and quality of paints on offer. How to apply paint is the easy part, knowing the right products and processes for obtaining a professional result takes time and lots of experience, trust us!