Solid Oak to Full Gloss - How do we do that?

Kitchen Doors Preparation

By their very nature, kitchen cabinets come in all shapes and sizes not to mention types of material, solid hardwood, mdf of foil wrapped.

One of the many questions we get asked is how do we obtain such a high mirror paint finish on solid wooden doors, here's how.

Preparation is Key

Each door is given a thorough clean with degreasing solution which is then wiped clean. Following this the door will be keyed to ensure the paint will adhere to the door successfully. This is not the same as sanding the door, as we find sandpaper can be too abrasive on delicate woods at the initial stage.

Each door in turn will be rubbed down with rubbing alcohol which is available from or methylated spirits as an alternative. Following this the first primer coat is applied. We then sandpaper beginning with between 150 - 200 grit graded wet/dry sandpaper or sanding pads.

Layer by Layer

We find that many light layers of spray paint are better than one or two heavy layers. By building up the paint gradually we can get the best possible finish, especially with high gloss paints. Currently we are experimenting with ISF P2 paint which is solvent based and unlike any waterbased product we have used.

Final Coat and Job done

In between each coat, the door will be sanded, rubbed down and cleaned with a tack cloth to remove excess dust particles. We finish the door with 400 grit sandpaper before final coat. Job done.