Painting my Kitchen - How do you do that?

So we are just back from pricing another Job, again one of the common questions asked is how do we actually paint the kitchen?

Hopefully the pointers below will provide some guidance on spray painting kitchen units from beginning to the end.

Step 1. Preparation
having agreed on colour, finish and extras like handles, splashbacks or worktops we will advise the customer of timescales and general process involved. For this example kitchen project the initial preparation involves a thorough clean of all doors, pelmets cornice and trim, followed by surface key, ensuring the paint will adhere fully. We then remove all doors to our workshop for spray finish, while the carcass is primed and masked. We also take the opportunity to mask up adjoining walls and ceiling to avoid overspray. This is day one of the kitchen respray job.

Step 2. Fixtures
Day two takes place in the workshop. Worktops are cut to size ready for transportation and doors are primed and coated using a 2 x Pack paint to ensure durability which is tinted to the customers required colour scheme. 24-48 hours is allowed to pass to ensure the paint has time to cure. We often send the customer a photo of the finished door to ensure satisfaction with colour and sheen.

Step 3. Moving Day
As Day three approaches we liase with the customer to advise of arrival time, and confirm delivery of worktops and breakfast bar. The carcass and all trim is finish coated and worktops are fitted. Time is taken to refit existing integrated hob and sink (yes, we take care of that!) before the doors are refitted and job is complete.